FJP090: To Succeed, You Need To Be Willing To Fail

Are you willing to bet on yourself? The investment in yourself is one of the best investments you can make, but very few people are willing to give up whatever their current level of comfort is for the chance of achieving what they really want. Listen to this episode and give yourself an honest evaluation. What do you really want, and are you willing to risk failure for a chance of achieving exactly what you want to achieve?

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2 Responses to “FJP090: To Succeed, You Need To Be Willing To Fail”

  1. Kevin Ferrigan

    Hey Billy-

    Just wanted to say thanks for doing the podcast and for your blog posts. They have really opened my eyes.

    I wonder if you might have any advice for someone trying to get started as an entrepreneur with a lot of student loan debt (so a high level of fixed living costs). Totally understand if you wouldn’t comment because you haven’t had this life experience, but I value your opinion on things, so I figured I would ask.

  2. Billy

    Kevin- this is going to sound like a simple answer, but it kind of is. Learn how to make more money than your living costs. Then the amount of debt you have won’t be as relevant.

    When my trainer is asked how do you know when to move up in weights- he says, “when the weight starts feeling light, move up so it’s heavy again.” Most people(myself included) tend to overcomplicate things at times, when the answer is easy we just need to get the work in that will get us where we know we ultimately need to go.

    No one necessarily wants to lift heavier and heavier weights, but that’s what it’ll take to get bigger/stronger. Same with paying off debt. The easiest way is learning how to make money so that the debt becomes irrelevant once you have that skillset.


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