FJP002: Comfortable Success, Going “All-In”, and More (EXPLICIT)

I bring my good friend Neville Medhora on to chat. We have the type of conversation we’d have if there was no mic in the room recording us. We talk about ‘comfortable success’, and how having some level of success can actually be hurtful to future success.

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2 Responses to “FJP002: Comfortable Success, Going “All-In”, and More (EXPLICIT)”

  1. Tom

    Hey guys, great episode!

    100% agree with deadlines making you ‘get shit done’. I can only have this work if I have agreed to do something for someone by a particular date, however I struggle to set deadlines for myself if no one else is involved… Any ideas?

    Both of you talking about your friend who ‘went all-in’ and didn’t put any money to the side reminded me of this guy –

    Cheers, Tom.

  2. Chung Tang

    It’s really interesting what you guys talked about in this eps. About getting too comfortable.

    Do you Think it’s possible to feel too comfortable e/ lose the hunger even through you’ve never experienced financial success?

    I know a guy who’s been given quite a bit of money over the past few years since he started his business. That Without that money he wouldn’t have survived, and continued on with his business. And because of that money and getting married and starting a family and now with 2 kids, and living in a penthouse condo… he got complacement. Got ‘soft’… that tiger-eye hunger look faded. And talking to him… he finds it really hard to get it back.

    Compared to his younger brother who is living in a 600sqft basement apartment, single … And is killing it in his career, owns rental properties, goes to school partime, finds time to volunteer all still only at age 26.

    Really interesting considering they have the same parents, are close and same up bringing till one went away to live on his own… Guess who went out on his own?


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