Working on your 2023 goals together 1 on 1

Thank you so much to all of you who’ve applied so far.

I’ve been getting some amazing applications, and I’ll be personally reviewing each one.

In case you missed the last email, I’m going to take on a handful of students to help you set and achieve life changing 2023 goals.

If we work together, it will be for the entire year, so that we’re able to adjust when needed, to help fulfill the vision we map out together at the beginning of the year.

You will:

Do a 1 on 1 deep dive with me not just at the beginning of the year, but every quarter to review the quarter, and map out your next quarter together.

Speak with me on a video call every month to adjust your tactics and tweak strategy based on any temporary hurdles or roadblocks that come up.

Get access to the same spreadsheets I use to set and achieve goals, making execution of them much easier.

Get direct access to my own personal spreadsheets live, so you can see exactly what I’m doing on a weekly basis to achieve my own goals.

Here’s a few things I’ve done in the past:

  • Poker Training Company: Created a 7 figure business with no previously existing platform(no email list, etc…) that in under 2 years already had 3,000+ paid monthly recurring subscribers
  • Poker Media Company
  • eCommerce store owner: Owned 21 separate eCommerce stores less than 2 years after starting my 1st
  • ForeverJobless: Millions of website visits/podcast downloads as a part-time hobby
  • Business Incubator: Helped take people from no idea, to a profitable business. Most people entered the Incubator without an idea of the business they would start. Six, seven and even eight figure businesses were created from this.
  • Won a bodybuilding show in the physique division, within 18 months of being a scrawny dude that ‘had no idea how people get ripped’.
  • Bought 300 properties in less than 18 months while writing a book and recovering from a health issue.
  • Made $4 million profit on one stock investment using the basic principles of EV(expected value).

Most importantly I’ve learned to achieve aggressive goals without stress, and I personally still take 6+ weeks of vacation a year.

Not only do I have a habit of setting ‘unreasonable’ or ’unrealistic’ goals, and achieving them, I have a track record of helping others do the same.

When I created the Incubator that I used to do 5+ years ago, I limited the amount of students I took, yet despite the small student pool, students without a previous business have since exited for 6, 7, and even 8 figures.

With my personal coaching clients, I often help them identify and rip out limiting beliefs before we set what they previously would have considered an ‘unrealistic’ goal. Once their limits of reality change, we set a goal that would actually change their life and that they very much desire, that they previously hadn’t even considered as a real possibility. 

We then formulate a plan for accomplishing this goal, showing them it’s completely possible, and they often wake up each day more excited and energized than they have in years because what they really desire has become ‘realistic’ to them, some for the first time in their lives. They’d seen others accomplishing things like it, but had never really believed that possibility for themselves, and even if they had, finally came to the realization that they didn’t need to ‘wait’ anymore.

One perfect example of this is my coaching student Paul.

In 2020 I was dealing with some pretty bad health issues. So I wasn’t working on much, and wasn’t coaching anyone at the time.

Paul had sent me a couple emails asking if I would coach him, and finally after I asked more about what he was looking to accomplish, and on a day where I had a little energy for a change, I told him I’d take him on.

Paul was in his young 20s, and had a business that was making him around $10k per month.

In our first call together, Paul, like most people, gave me very realistic improvements he’d like to make from where he was at. I can’t remember the exact number he was shooting for, but it might have been something along the lines of growing his $10k/month, to $15k/month.

I asked him why.

As I drilled him on the real reason behind these new, very realistic goals, we discovered the same thing I often do when working with new students.

He didn’t truly believe what he actually wanted was possible.

I told him to forget what being realistic looks like, and to tell me what he actually wanted.

It took some time, but he opened up to things, experiences and numbers that really lit him up.

Once we had the real stuff, we worked from there.

Most people are working from ‘false’ dreams, attempting to set and achieve goals from that place and wonder why they’re not excited to jump out of bed and work on them.

With Paul, as with any of my students, unless this is unlocked, our success together will be limited because you wouldn’t be working towards what you truly want deep down. 

Once we determined the net worth he’d need to achieve his goals, it was obvious his current decisions didn’t align to create that reality.

Expected value(EV) MUST be considered.

So we adjusted the decisions so that the end result not only became a possibility, but a likely reality.

I’ve been working together with Paul for almost 2 years now, for much of that time as my exclusive client, due to focusing on my health, my real estate bet, and my book.

In our time working together, Paul went from making $10k per month, to scaling and exiting that business for a large amount of money(keeping the amount private for Paul) while starting other profitable companies.

Now, in his mid 20s, he’s in a completely different financial situation than less than 2 years ago, and more importantly he keeps raising his level of what’s ‘realistic’ by very quickly realizing through his own success that his previous definitions of reality were an illusion.

He didn’t need to take huge risks, he simply adjusted his decisions to match the desired end result, and we formed a plan that allowed for that.

Now he spends time deciding how he wants to allocate all the capital he’s built up, while analyzing his next bet, one that will be significantly larger than any he’s attempted before, not just because he’s changed his reality of what’s possible, but because he now has significant time and money available which enable him take much bigger chances and go after much bigger rewards because of his very different financial situation.

Not only has Paul achieved insane results using the same exact goal setting/accomplishment strategies I use, but he watched in real time as I made my real estate bet and shared with him what would happen at each stage of the bet and why. He watched adjustments I made based on changes my competitors were making, or other new data that would change the bet.

So he was able to deepen his own understanding of the decision making behind the strategy and the accomplishment of a very aggressive goal in a very short time period not just by knowing what I was up to in real time as I executed my own goals, but by being able to ask me questions as to why I was making the decisions I was at each step.

Some common things I hear/see

“What if I’m already good at goal setting but I just can’t seem to get the results I want?”

Your decisions either limit, or create the possibility of a certain end result.

If you are missing or miscalculating even just one simple ingredient, you may not end up with what you want.

Let’s pretend you tried to bake a cake.

If you forgot just 1 ingredient it might taste like crap, or not even look like a cake at all. 

Your desired financial situation, or a specific goal you have works the same. 

You can’t forget a key ingredient. 

On the surface things may seem like they’ll turn out amazing, but if something is off and you don’t catch it, you’re not going to have the end result you envision.

“I’m good at executing but bad at strategy”

That’s why we’re going to map out your entire 2023 together, so if something you’re planning does not match up with where you want to be, we can catch it NOW. 

You don’t want to wait to realize after 2023 is over that the strategy was no good.

You tell me where you want to go, and we’ll map it out TOGETHER.

What if something changes which affects the strategy we come up with

Something almost definitely will change. In the game of money or business, things change all the time.

That’s why we talk on a regular basis throughout the year, to adjust to changes.

“So, we’ll be able to see not only your personal goals, but what you’re doing each month to hit them?”


Each quarter I map out new quarterly goals, what I think will need to happen to achieve each new quarterly goal, and the actions I need to be taking each week to hit them.

I’m going to open up my tracking document to students I work with. 

You’ll know what I’m working on each week.

You’ll see in real time through the entire year what strategy I come up with and execute, and not only that, the adjustments I make as the strategies and tactics work or don’t work.

In January for example you’d know what I’m going to be doing the 2nd week of March, and you can ask in real time why I’m doing X instead of Y. This way you will more deeply understand the strategy and decision making behind it, which will help you quickly adapt a similar mindset and approach while accomplishing your own goals.

You get no points for hours worked. All the ‘points’ come from ending up at your desired destination.

You only get there if you map out a plan ahead of time where that is your expected result.

If someone is blindly ‘hustling their face off’ as has become so popular, and doesn’t stay focused on optimal decision making, they’ll be very unlikely to accomplish anything significant in any relatively small time period.

“I have so many things on my plate it’s hard to know what to prioritize”

It’s easier when you know what you really want and that it’s possible for you to have it. That’s why I’m going to work with you to edit your life so you get it.

‘What if I’m not sure if X is possible for me’

Then it’s important we fix that perspective and find that part of you that you can’t even access due to limiting beliefs. 

Many people doubt their own ability to accomplish certain things, despite knowing that other people are out there accomplishing things of that level or greater.

There is no magic or secrets for those out there accomplishing things you’d like to achieve. If someone has a belief that there is, THAT is what is holding that person back.

This idea must be eliminated before the possibility opens up for you.

If the silliness that you can’t have what you want is eliminated, THEN you can apply specifics to your life that help you achieve what it is that you want without the giant roadblock of whatever limiting belief boulder was sitting in your way.

If you fail to eliminate that false belief before starting, the maximum you can achieve is only up until that boulder.

And you’ll continue operating a relatively uninspired life, hearing whispers from somewhere inside yourself knowing you’re capable of more.

Starting to achieve more in life is not complicated. Don’t get it confused, there is plenty of hard work.

But it is not complicated. 

It feels complicated because you’re attempting to use the same playbook you’ve been using for the life you want.

And that playbook is the same one that’s given you the life you have, which you already know isn’t what you want, or at least that you want a significantly improved version of.

Think about it.

Want a completely new life with the same exact playbook you’ve been using?

That makes no sense. That’s not just complicated, that’s impossible. You already know the outputs your current playbook is generating.

You need a new playbook specifically tailored to you and the life you’re trying to achieve, not just some generic ‘you can do it’ nonsense, because you can’t with a crap playbook.

With a better one, things become easier.

Hard work.

But easy game.

“I often get stuck and can’t figure out what the best decision is”

Most people do.

This is super common. 

How do you think that’d change with me in your corner? 

Analyzing and figuring out what the optimal decision is, is a game I enjoy better than just about anything.

Sending Soon

If you’re interested in working together, I’d love for you to hear from someone working with me in the same capacity right now, so you can get a better sense of what it’s like. In a couple days I’ll shoot you a video so you’re able to listen to their personal experience.

Applications Won’t Be Open Long

I’ll be selecting people to work with from the applications and sending out invites this week.

If you’ve completed an application and been accepted, you’ll be notified soon.

If you want to apply but haven’t applied yet, now’s the time. I’d love to see your application to hear how I can help.


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