The ForeverJobless Podcast, Season 2 Launches!

The ForeverJobless podcast has officially returned! Due to popular demand I’ve decided to launch a new “season” of the podcast.

“Season 2”, is here.

To celebrate the launch of season 2 I’ve decided to run a contest where you can win free coaching calls with me, instagram shout outs, join me on an episode of the show, and even win a $1,000 mystery box.


Check out the prizes, and steps to enter below:

You can check out the podcast here in iTunes.

Or, here on the podcast page.



How To Enter The Contest in 7 Steps:

1) Click this link
2) Then click the big blue button, “View in iTunes”

3) (If asked) Give your computer permission to “Launch Application” (iTunes)

4) Click Subscribe and confirm 


5)A- Click the “Ratings and Reviews” tab

    B- Click “Write a Review”

6) Fill out the review form and hit submit

7) Lastly, subscribe below and you’ll receive a welcome email. Reply to that email with the text “FJP Contest”, which will let me know you’ve completed the steps of the contest, and be qualified to win. 

(If you’re already subscribed, just leave a comment.)


43 Responses to “The ForeverJobless Podcast, Season 2 Launches!”

  1. Jennifer

    FJP Contest. Thank you for bringing back your podcast. I have learned so much from you.

  2. Artur

    FJP Contest.. thank you Billy

  3. Alastair

    Loved the short format episodes & conversational style, looking forward to S02.

  4. Seamus

    FJP Contest. Hey Billy. Can’t wait to hear your podcast. I found your blog on Twitter a couple weeks ago and I’ve been catching up on all your posts. It’s awesome stuff and it’s changed my outlook on life a bit…in a very positive way!

  5. Jack

    FJP Contest

    Hey Billy, just completed the above steps. Would love to have the opportunity to interview on an episode of the show. Thanks so much for offering this contest! Love your website.


  6. Michael

    I really enjoyed your old podcast, particularly when you interviewed/had discussions with other entrepreneurs. Those were the ones that killed.

    • Billy

      Then you’ll really like this season. Majority of this season will be conversational style interviews with others. At least 10 guests will be on this season.

  7. James

    FJP Contest. Billy I am truly grateful that I found your blog and podcast. You offer valuable content that causes us to think deeply about what we really wan’t. Where most in the industry constantly push sales down our throat with crappy copy that promises overnight success. You give us the truth and insight to be prepared to put in for the long haul and build something that will last and have true value. So just wanted to say thanks.


  8. Richard

    FJP Contest: awesome Billy I always look forward to your content, keep up the work!

  9. Fabian

    FJP Contest. I love that most of the episodes are between 5 and 15 minutes long, that way I can listen to them when I’m on the way. Always had a hard time keeping up with 1-2 hour episodes of other podcasts. Keep up the good work, looking forward to S2!

  10. Will

    FJP Contest. Looking forward to it Billy.

  11. Vinoth

    I really enjoyed season 1. Glad that you came back for another season!!

  12. Knut Brouwer

    FJP Contest –Glad you’re back, Billy! I am looking forward to S2!

  13. James

    FJP Contest!! Woot looking forward to season 2 Billy. Best content/value provider by far.


  14. Pierre Parenteau

    FJP Contest.

    I’ve just written my review of your podcast. The information you give on your blog and podcasts is straight to the point and highly useful. I highly appreciate that! It really helped build my business when I first started out one year ago. Now things are going well, even though I’m not rich I feel that I’m living the life I’ve always wanted to live. I’ve found in the online entrepreneur community people who have the same mindset as me and it feels good. 🙂

  15. James Stevenson

    I just wanted to say, “Thank you”, for re-starting your podcasts, as I’ve downloaded, listened to & applied much of what you’ve already produced.

    Thanks for all you’ve already produced, I’m sure phase 2 will move the bar up a notch.

  16. Dave

    Awesome! I was wondering when you’d be back on!

  17. Brad Dias

    FJP Contest

    Itunes Review Done. Caught up on every episode in Season 1. Pure Gold this podcast is, can’t wait to start listening to season 2’s episodes !

  18. Scott Lindsay

    FJP Contest. Thank you putting in the time and adding value to all your posts and recordings. I can tell that to the people who actually are willing to do whatever it takes, you truly want to help those people become successful. That’s going to take you a long way, and one day when I’m successful I hope to have you in my inner circle.

    Thanks Billy.

  19. Woody

    ✅ Subsribe to FJP
    ✅ Listen to all episodes of Season 2 of FJP
    ✅ Leave ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Rating & Review
    ✅ Enter contest to win coaching call with Billy

    Billy, thank you for relaunching the podcast! I’ve been hoping and waiting for this for a while. I listened to all of Season 1 on my long runs every Saturday while training for my 50 mile race last year.

    I’m Season 2 will bring even more ???. Thank you.

  20. Ryan Kleindienst

    FJP Contest // Really excited about this season. You’ve had a tremendous impact on my thinking since discovering you. Also, what’s the intro/outro music on your podcast, I need to buy that!

  21. Lewis Eisen

    FJP Contest.
    So glad you’re bringing this podcast back. I find it valuable from a business and investment point of view, and personally motivating as well.

  22. Rinaldo

    FJP Contest. So excited it’s back.

  23. Oisin

    FJP Contest

    Hey Billy, I really should have commented my appreciation much, much sooner than this. I’ve been reading from the very first post and I’ve learned something from a good 75% of them.

    For me the real eye-openers (apologies for such a cliched phrase) have been “EV: Millionaire’s Math”, “How to Buy a Ferrari for $20k” and your recent “The Value of Time”.

  24. Chad

    FJP Contest

    This podcast is +EV brother!!! Thanks for all the gems 🙂

  25. Kevin Murray

    It’s great to see you back in the swing of Podcasting. My attention is now yours again. Keep up the great art…work 🙂

  26. Oshrat

    Thank you Billy for the inspiring podcasts and articles!
    What i love mostly about your podcasts is your attitude, you break success in life down to little pieces we can chew on and step by step our whole mindset is changing without noticing that.
    I wish you a lot of luck and i hope you manage to help a lot of people, just like you desire!
    With lots of appreciation,

  27. Rebecca Matias

    So excited for this contest!! I would LOVE to be on your podcast AND be coached by you. (*Inside voice saying, “pick me pick me!”) Seriously Billy, super excited for the opportunity and I do hope to be selected 😉

  28. Victor Silva

    Just entered the contest. Thank you for all the good work! Is this quarter about podcasting?

  29. Chris

    FJP Contest

    Glad to see you back for season 2! Your writing is awesome too!

  30. Flip Aguilera

    Looking forward to learning and applying what I learn from this podcast. Here’s to a great journey to all of you that are getting after your goals!

  31. Will

    FJP Contest. Thanks for the great content Billy!

  32. ToeShoeTim

    FJP Contest,

    I love your articles, they’ve been extremely helpful in pushing my startup further.

    Thanks and keep writing!

  33. Mike

    FJP contest
    Really enjoying the new season, always look forward to any new content you produce

  34. Mohit Tater

    FJP contest! Check!
    Great stuff Billy, keep it coming.

  35. Leon

    FJP Contest thanks for the offer

  36. dakrynveii

    FJP Contest. Looking forward to more great eps, billy 🙂

  37. Alex

    FJP contest. Thanks Billy, love the podcast


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