FJP064: Does Passive Income Exist For Most People?

Passive income doesn’t really exist for most people. Many new entrepreneurs have the misconception that they just want to start a passive business and not work. Most “passive” income businesses aren’t really passive, they’re just monetized in a different way, and the work may not directly correlate with each sale. Does this mean you run a passive business? Jordan and I discuss.

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One Response to “FJP064: Does Passive Income Exist For Most People?”

  1. James

    So Jordan, you’re saying there is no such thing as passive income and that everyone is going to work 8 hours even with technological automation? Are you saying that you can’t train a team and reduce your hours to monitoring that team? What about growth though right? Can’t get a competent manager to handle it and offer the right incentives to keep them?

    Also Jordan, you interviewed Ferris, but did you actually read his book? Ferris recommends that the goal be to “become a ghost in your own machine”. Which is not lazy, it’s smart because even if the goal is more money, (as opposed to time) outsourcing to people who typically create less value per hour (than yourself) frees you up to create more value rather than getting bogged down (not to mention it’s a common practice everyday in organisations around the country, it’s this bizarre thing called hiring).

    This is in no way directed at Billy who only made the fair point ‘you have to work hard before you get to a relatively passive income’. Though I’m not sure quite what Jordan’s getting at here? And either I’ve misunderstood you or you’ve misunderstood Ferris’ book.


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