FJP008: Listen and Take Advice From Those You Aspire to Be Like, Ignore Everyone Else

Stop listening to people who haven’t been where you want to be. In this episode I’ll share some stories from my own life where I listened to the right people, and the wrong people, and what happened in each scenario.

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3 Responses to “FJP008: Listen and Take Advice From Those You Aspire to Be Like, Ignore Everyone Else”

  1. Ju

    Who are some of the people you learned from/looked up too.

  2. Lindsay Wilcox

    Would you include people who have the same goals as you and are where you expect you’ll be a couple of steps from now?

    As a specific example, I want to have the resources to invest in causes I think have a real chance at making a positive impact on at least their corner of the world, and I want to do it without being an employee of someone else. There are quite a few people who have pinned down the “break free from being an employee” part, but haven’t started having major philanthropic funds, and there are people who start extremely profitable businesses, but they aren’t investing in causes and opportunities without a financial motive, at least not yet.

    Does it make sense to study the people in those categories? They’re a step or two ahead of me, so they’ve been somewhere I want to go, but they haven’t been to my final destination, at least not yet. Or should I just spend my time researching and studying self-made philanthropists? That’s a much narrower category!

  3. Chung Tang

    “If they haven’t been where you want to be don’t take their advice, wait for the person who’s been where you want to be”

    Solid takeaway.


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