FJP007: Early Rising, and Priority Goals

I talk about attempting to wake up at 5am to increase productivity around my priority goals.

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4 Responses to “FJP007: Early Rising, and Priority Goals”

  1. NickR8

    Very cool. I do the same but get up at 6AM 😀

    There’s even a app for that. It’s called the 5 club app (

    Make sure to go to bed early so you get enough sleep and don’t walk around like a zombie during the day 😉

    – Nick

  2. Dennis Duty

    Working when you KNOW everybody else is sleeping is what keeps me going.

    Even if I logically and mathematically know that we’re getting the same work hours in,
    I love the mental thrill of knowing I’m DESTROYING IT while everybody else is asleep.

    I don’t give myself 1 priority goal, I give myself multiple priority goals which results in split focus. I’ll try out 1 priority goal/day and see how that goes.

    Do you have the goal in mind before bed each night?

    • Billy

      When I’m performing my best, I have the same priority goal or two every day for an extended period of time. I don’t switch them daily or else they wouldn’t be priority goals, they’d be more like daily tasks.

      I receive almost ridiculous results when there is no split focus. I’ve rarely received similar results when I’ve diversified and not made something a priority.

  3. Chung Tang

    Love to see Billy chime in 🙂


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