FJP003: How to Buy a Ferrari for $20k

I talk about a creative deal where my friend tried to buy a Ferrari for $20k. I mention other opportunities I’ve come across that prove these type of deals are available, and I briefly discuss risk tolerance, and how most people’s lack of risk tolerance.

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One Response to “FJP003: How to Buy a Ferrari for $20k”

  1. Chung Tang

    We were recently going to purchase a 400k home with 30k down. That’s a lot of money tied up which after days or discussion and convincing, unconvincing He decision was made not to go 30%… wait a year till we can put 5% down. This episode made me realize, holy fu*k.. it would have been really dumb to throw away 85k into a home. Simple calculations is really all it takes sometimes to make a smart decision, and this podcast confirmed that.


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