2021 review/2022 goals

I’m trying to be better this year about sharing my usually relatively private, strange and interesting life, to stay better in touch, connect with others up to similar things in the world and hopefully share some things that may be helpful to you.

I live in a forest now.

I saw more animals than people last year.

The person I see more than anyone is a monk who lived in the Himalayas for 25 years and used to be friends with people like Ram Dass. We go for nightly walks a few times a week. He lives near me in the forest.

You might be wondering, how did I end up living in a forest and what have I been up to…

My 2021 Review:

I started 2021 off on the east coast in a medical clinic. That’s about as fun as it sounds.

I’d had some ongoing health challenges for a while but they got especially bad so I spent months on the East Coast paying some mad scientist doctor an obscene amount of money to try some very outside the box methods.

I left in January and was told to go rest for a couple months.

So, I went out to Sedona to stay with a friend.

If I wasn’t napping or chatting w/my friend, I often spent 12+ hours a day reading, thinking, journaling and meditating.

I didn’t really have the energy to do anything else.

He lived right next to the National Forest so when I wasn’t doing the above and had a little energy, I’d take a short walk out there and go chill on a giant rock.

After a while I started looking at heading back to the Austin area.

I’d let the lease of my downtown place expire when I was back east in the clinic so I needed a new spot.

I wanted to be around nature more both for the peace to read, write and think, but also being around a bunch of cell towers and Wi-Fi signals in a downtown highrise when trying to heal is a pretty horrific strategy. My new doctor wouldn’t even start my new protocol if I wasn’t in a spot without wifi as he said it’d be very unlikely to work.

I couldn’t find anything I liked on the market to rent or buy. I called my realtor and asked if he knew of any off-market nature properties.

He called me back a few days later and FaceTimed me from a new construction build that was set to be finished in a couple months.

He showed me the surrounding nature and I bought it over FaceTime.

Shortly after, I headed back to Texas where I planned on crashing in airbnb’s for a month or two until my house was finished being built.

While I was waiting for it to be finished I found a house I liked even better that had just come on the market. Exactly the type of nature seclusion I was looking for.

So I bought that one, and flipped the other once the build was finished.

The rest of the year was honestly a blur.

I started off the year just hoping to improve my health, work on my book and maybe buy another investment property or two.

I bought an investment property.

I had a decent amount of energy again.

I bought another.

I thought the market was completely mispricing things.

So I bought some more.

I ran all sorts of calculations to try and figure out why prices were much lower than I thought they should have been. “Am I wrong, or is everyone else?, I wondered to myself.

I bought more.

“Why isn’t anyone else scooping these up?”, I questioned myself, debating whether my thought process or analysis was flawed in some way.

I bought some more.

I couldn’t get any math I ran to show that the areas I was looking at weren’t significantly underpriced. 

So I kept buying.

One of my favorite quotes is from Charlie Munger, and it’s something I’ve always tried to follow:

“A few major opportunities, clearly recognizable as such, will usually come to one who continuously searches and waits, with a curious mind, loving diagnosis involving multiple variables. And then all that is required is a willingness to bet heavily when the odds are extremely favorable, using resources available as a result of prudence and patience in the past…You should remember that good ideas are rare— when the odds are greatly in your favor, bet heavily.”

So I did.

I ended up buying hundreds of properties before year end.

Probably not the recommended prescription for taking it easy/letting my body rest, but it was a good distraction from my health stuff, and I didn’t know how long the market would stay mispriced, so I wanted to strike while the opportunity was there.

It’s amazing what you can get done if you eliminate all else except what you’re wanting to do.

Living in the forest with no TV, limited use of social media and no phone. Oh yeah…in 2021 I kept my phone turned off 99% of the time.

Kobe Bryant had a concept he called editing your life.

Decide what you want and edit your life so it happens.

Most people are not willing to edit their life, so their life stays relatively the same or at least nowhere near the life they desire because they aren’t willing to edit and cut out the unnecessary to guarantee their desired results/life.

I knew I had to edit hard. So I did.

In 2021 while working nonstop on my health/trying to manage my often limited energy, I bought hundreds of properties, am finally close to completing the rough draft of a giant book I’ve been working on for years, read 84 books, took 500 + nature walks, and helped several coaching students massively grow and/or exit their businesses for a lot of money.

I also spent pretty significant time diving down the spiritual/mystical rabbit hole. Tons of reading, meditation, contemplation, and just practicing stillness/observation.

It’s extremely fascinating to me and several times throughout the year I reached certain states of consciousness that I’m not sure I would have believed could be reached without the use of high doses of psychedelics had I not experienced them myself.

I tried to get as much insight as I could from others who’d been deep down the road already. 

While in Arizona I realized one of my recently read paradigm shifting books that I loved had a foundation that was headquartered an hour from Sedona, and they supposedly would get together and discuss ideas, a study group of sorts. 

I called up the foundation and asked if I could come. 

I tend to read a lot of old, under the radar books and it was a super old website so I didn’t know if they still met. 

Do you still have meetups?

“How did you find out about us?”

I found a website but I didn’t know if it was up to date.

“Oh. Yes, we do still meet.”

Awesome, can I come?

“Well, sure, we’d be happy to have you!”

So the next time they met, I went. And it was me, my buddy and like 8 super old ‘enlightenment seeking’ people in some small cabin in the woods. I guess they’d been meeting for decades.


It was an extremely tough year at times, dealing with the unpredictable ups and downs of energy that comes with the health stuff that can still occasionally wipe me out for days or weeks.

But the business/investing stuff was fun and felt good to be playing that game again.

It kinda felt like real life monopoly.

Overall it was a weird and interesting year. 

I remember being such a combination of focused and tired one day that I went out to grab a morning coffee, paid for the coffee, and drove home. But I never actually waited for them to make my coffee. I just left. Haha.

It was definitely hellish at times trying to deal with health stuff and still try to accomplish some things that I wanted to accomplish, but I got better at just surrendering to taking days off whenever I needed them as much as it bugged the ‘achiever’ in me. I took the first couple months of the year off and most of the last couple, so was able to work about 8 months on the year, when at the beginning of the year I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to work 8 days. Still a long ways to go but shit… life!

My 2022 Goals:

I normally don’t share goals publicly, usually with just a few close friends/family, partly because I haven’t wanted to risk some false sense of accomplishment in talking about them vs. doing, but also with my health stuff I sometimes don’t know if/when I’ll have energy so attempting to achieve goals by itself can be frustrating with that variable, but to publicly say I’m going to do X knowing that variable is alive, adds to the fear of it popping it’s head up. Just going to do my best.

I’m trying to do better about sharing more/being open this year so I’m going to share all of my 2022 goals:

  1. Buy at least 50 properties

With prices getting much higher, margins getting smaller and me wanting to spend more time completing my book it seems like a good target despite it being lower than the amount I bought this year.

  1. Have my book publish ready

I brain dumped 400,000 words into a document several years ago. Unfortunately that’s not a typo. Most business/investing books are in the 40K range, I put everything I know about money/decision making down and have been slowly figuring out what to keep for my book.

  1. Accept 4 new coaching clients to help them achieve life-changing goals

I love sharing what I know to help people accomplish life changing goals. This is definitely one of the most fulfilling things I get to do. It’s my version of play.

  1. Break ground on at least 4 new construction builds

I see a gap in the market for a certain kind of build so I’m going to test my theory out and start a small construction business. I’ll either be wrong and learn a lot while having fun or I’ll be right and scale.

  1. Hire an amazing right hand person

I very much need someone awesome to free up my time so I’m only spending it on my unique abilities. This goal is a huge domino to help me achieve other goals this year. 

If you know someone amazing who’s worked in a role such as chief of staff or executive assistant who loves working in a fast paced environment and is the most detail oriented and organized person you know, let me know!

  1. A least 4 singles dinners/parties

Dating is an area I have spent 0 time on the last couple years. And living in the forest isn’t exactly the ideal setting for meeting people. And if you’re looking for a legit match, dating apps are about as inefficient as you can get. Since there isn’t a terrific solution in the dating space yet, I’m going to throw some singles dinners/parties, have my chef come cook for us, bring a bunch of eligible bachelor friends and just help good people meet. So, if you know of some amazing bachelorettes in the Austin area let me know and I’ll try and include them.

  1. Publish quarterly updates on ForeverJobless

I’m going to post short goal tracking updates to keep anyone who wants to follow along up to date and for public accountability.

  1. Vacation for at least 6 weeks

Trying to maintain a balance to help reset/stay fresh.

  1. Publish at least 3 articles

These might be short since my writing time will be focused on my book but I miss writing articles so I’ll publish at least a few.

  1. At least 600 light cardio section sessions
  1. At least 250 days of journaling

Journaling has been a huge cheat code for me, not only helping to talk through ideas with myself, but looking back over it helps you to uncover things about yourself you’d forgotten or discounted. We often forget what we want/what’s important. Journaling can remind us. I did a 3 day silent retreat before the new year and read through all my 2021 journals, which helped me map out what I wanted and set the right goals for myself for this year.

  1. At least 250 days of meditation
  1. 1 unique good deed per month
  1. 3 separate, abnormally kind deeds
  1. At least 50 friend/family hangs
  1. Lock myself in a cabin for at least 2 weeks to write nonstop
  1. Throw a retreat or party of some sort w/some friends
  1. 125 days of caffeine or less
  1. Cheat meals: 6 meals or less
  1. At least 48 weeks of specific goal tracking/weekly planning by Sunday night each week, including uploading to show accountability partners my weekly review and upcoming week commitments.

Here are my three Q1 priority goals:

  1. Buy 15 properties
  1. 142 hours on the book
  1. Hire epic executive assistant or chief of staff

2022, here we go.

“One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you wanted to do. Do it now.

—Paulo Coelho

60 Responses to “2021 review/2022 goals”

  1. E.G.

    What a fascinating year! Would love to hear about your process for buying that many properties in one year

    • Billy

      Thanks so much E.G.! I plan to eventually chat about my real estate bet very in depth

  2. Evelio Pereira

    Hey Billy,

    Glad to see you back writing, bud. I’ve been a follower since your Fast lane forum days, and your content is always full of aha’s.

    Looking forward to reading the book.


    PS. I hope you’re doing better health wise.

  3. maverick

    Welcome back Billy. We’re glad you’re here again.

  4. Selena

    It’s so incredibly good to hear from you again. May you experience all the peace, excitement and love your soul is seeking. In 2022 and beyond… all the best.

  5. Quinn Jackson

    Missed you Billy, glad your health is getting better. Love the goals and vision for your life!

  6. Meredith

    1- I instantly trust anyone that incorporates caffeine free days in their life. I went 90 days off it this year and it completely changed how I view my life moving forward.
    2. A real under the radar book for you: Love Me, Love Yourself by Vern Black.
    3. For your health problems- have you tried working with someone that knows the emotional root of your problems? Example- something like eczema is a mystery for US doctors but Chinese medicine doctors know it’s a spleen problem which means overthinking and the cure is basically to share more than you are thinking
    4. Can you share one of the under the radar books from the Sedona area if we would like to go down that rabbit hole?
    5. Can you share your decision to add 50 more properties to your portfolio? You said you bought hundreds last year so what will having an extra 50 do for you that the hundreds won’t?

    • Billy

      Thanks so much for the great comments and questions Meredith! I checked out the book you mentioned and didn’t see it for sale. I haven’t worked with any Chinese docs, do you have any great references and/or books? The book I referenced was the Mystic Path to Cosmic Power. #5 is a REALLY great question. One I’ve debated about quite a bit. I actually upped the goal as the 50 wasn’t super inspiring for me, but ya, another 50+ doesn’t necessarily change things. I am enjoying the bet/game, but have considered whether my time would be better spent doing something else.

  7. Ilya

    Glad to see you’re back & doing better! Insane that you bought 100 properties while dealing with so many health issues.

    Cheers to a great 2022.

  8. Arthur Vorusha

    Happy to hear from you again and looking forward for your book.
    Wish all the best.

  9. Iggy Artemenko

    I’ll take guess, Your friend in Sedona operates a pet business-charity

    “helped several coaching students massively grow” Is there a way for me to become on of your coaching students? I have a pet product business, but currently stuck at a certain level.

  10. Hunter

    Glad you are back!

    Sounds like you had quite a productive and growth filled year, even with your health struggles. Really happy to hear that! Hundreds of properties is pretty wild.

    Looking forward to quarterly updates, have a great year 👊

  11. Angelo

    Great to hear from you Billy! Really looking forward to reading your book

  12. Adrijus G.

    Good to finally see an update! Sorry to hear about the health issues. Hope 2022 will bring complete recovery.

    Looking forward to new updates and articles! Good luck!

  13. Diego

    Hi Billy, good to see you writing for us again.
    You bought hundreds of properties, so I assume It’s a 8 digit investment or more. Would you mind to share a little bit how you are able to make all that money?
    I’ve been an horrible ”money maker’, and want to start chaning this situation in 2022 and beyond.

    Wish you all the best!

    • Billy

      Diego, have you checked out all my previous posts? I talk about a number of them in there.

      In short, everything from poker, to businesses, to real estate, to stocks.

  14. Erec Hillis

    Thanks for sharing, Billy (it’s fun and motivating to see what others are working on). Wishing you the best in health and other goals this year.

  15. Victor Evangelista

    Billy, great to read your site again. Cheering for you, especially that you get super healthy for good. Looking forward to read your book. All the best for you.

  16. Marius Schmidt

    What is the health problem you are trying to recover from? I have also a chronical illness for around 10 years now. It got a lot better, but still not fully recovered.

    I was probably down for 4 years until I could live a more normal life again. Funnily in retrospect, after so many years, it was the best thing that happened to me.
    Hope you recover quickly, I know how that feels, as I tried also all kinds of alternative medicine stuff and some actually worked.

    Btw how does someone become a coaching client? Love your approach to business and I’m also a fellow foverjobless Alumni 😉

    • Billy

      A variety of different issues.

      Curious, what made it the best thing that happened to you?

      re: how to become a coaching client – shoot me an email.

      Thanks so much for your continued support Marius.

  17. kevin murray

    Hey Billy,

    Seeing your email in my inbox was the highlight of my day. I really miss listening to your podcast and the amazing intro music…..lol I always said I would take that music clip and add it to my own podcast one day. Might do that this year lol. Happy to know your health is getting better and that you’re back in the swing of things with business. Billy since you went the holistic route and went down the rabbit hole spiritually I wanted to know if you have ever heard of The KAMBO Frog Detox which comes originated from The Amazon in South American. I’ve known about this for years coming from a family of holistic healers but started my journey in Kambo in 2018 after going through mental ups and downs. It’s a ritual that uses the poison of the giant monkey frog to boost energy and cure illnesses. It’s just now becoming big is western medicine years after many doctors tried discrediting it. I’ve done it several times to treat addiction to weed due to inner depression from overwhelming thoughts that were hard to manage. But just to give you an example of the power of Kambo in America the biggest problem is the Opioid epidemic and the practitioner that I go to goes to drug rehab centers once a week and with one session that usually last about 30mins cure people of Opioid abuse completely. Some folks it takes 2 sessions. Kambo resets the body back to its natural state as a baby targeting the gut which is our 1st brain. The gut is where EVERYTHING is stored (stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, sickness etc). Kambo which uses the poison from a tree frog is placed on a small opening on the body and within 10 seconds enters the Lymph Nodes pulling everything bad out which comes out threw vomiting. I’m not telling you to do it but I am asking you to research this cause I’m guaranteeing you or someone reading this will thank me later for mentioning this. Indigenous people have used kambo for centuries to heal and cleanse the body by strengthening its natural defenses and warding off bad luck. It was also believed to increase stamina and hunting skills.
    Benefits include:
    – Complete Mental Clarity
    – Daily Increased Awareness
    – Eliminates ALL toxics and things within the body causing blockage leading to disease, unnatural weight gain, sickness and other ailments.
    – Daily Increased Energy & Stamina
    – Complete end to all addictions: sugar, salt, stress, depression, anxiety, worry etc.
    – Increases your aura / attraction to the opposition sex…..seriously.
    – The list goes on.

    I love you Billy for everything you been sharing with the world and we all look forward to following your next journey in life and 2022. Happy New Year Brother and stay blessed.

    New York Times Article (2021):
    A Good read for those that only like reading from big news sources.

    • Billy

      Kevin you are the man!

      Thanks so much for such kind words, and the awesomely detailed post.

      Really appreciate you.

      I’m familiar with kambo but I haven’t done it as of yet. One of my friends is a practitioner.

      Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with it and all the detailed benefits you’ve realized. I’ll definitely be reading your comment again in the future.

      You’re amazing Kevin, thanks again.

  18. Ben Andersen

    Hey Mate,
    Good to see you back and writing, went back over some of the old blog posts recently, still some gold in there.
    Stay well

  19. Stephen

    Great to hear from you Billy. I still pull up your podcast once in a while hoping that there will be new content. Sadly no. Oh well, it still is good to listen to past episodes. How you look at problems and opportunities through the lens of risk/reward and odds/payout is fantastic and your analysis of it so refreshing. Maybe someday you will let us in on the buying property thought process. A hunch tells me properties doesn’t always mean real estate. 😉

    Keep gaining strength my friend.

    • Billy

      Definitely planning to detail the real estate bet in depth in the near future.

      Thanks for the message Stephen!

  20. Pat K

    Welcome back, brother!

    Very keen for your book. I’m going to have my eyes glued to updates.

    Sorry to hear about your health issues. I know you were at peak physical health a number of years ago – I remember that awesome photo with you and that woman in a blog post and felt amazed and inspired. Rooting for you to get that healthiness back!

    Interesting that you have around 20 goals, but have prioritized a few of them.

    I remember you mentioning that if you had set 10 goals, it means 9 of them were distractions to the #1 priority goal. Does this mean that you have simply delegated the rest of goals to someone, or at least intend to through your future right hand person?

    • Billy

      Thanks so much Pat!

      Regarding setting so many goals, many of these I have habits for already, so I’m not having to go create 20 sets of new habits to achieve. Things get easier over time as you stack habits, and yes the ability to outsource can help as well.

  21. Alex

    Hi Billy, I enjoyed reading this article.

    What are the top 20 best books you’ve read on making money? Or that have helped you make the most money?

    If that’s too much, then how about a top 10.

    Regards, Alex.

    • Billy

      Thanks Alex.

      I’d have to go through my book library to list out – maybe will try and do a write up on them at some point.

  22. Nick

    So good to see a post from you again Billy. It’s a testament to your writing and influence that I still go back to some of your posts years after they were written.

    It would be cool to see quarterly posts from you in 2022.

  23. Alex Lenox

    Welcome back, Billy!

    I’m stoked to hear you’re writing a book. If you’re sending advanced copies to readers for feedback or just for profit let me know as I’d love to be on that list.

    Also, I couldn’t agree more on journaling being a “cheat code” if you will. Here are my go to prompts in case you could use some more fuel:


  24. Tyrel Johnson

    Hey Billy,

    Really good to hear from you again. Glad I subscribed back in the day when I found you through the Fastlane Forum.

    Sounds like you went through a tough experience, but you worked your way through to the other side. Glad you’re doing well, and your goals for 2022 are great!

    I look forward to following along as you crush these goals this year. I’m taking some big home-run swings this year myself – this post inspired me to take it up another 10% 😉

  25. Vassili Zinchenko

    Great to see you posting again Billy. Hope your health is getting better.

  26. Jonathan

    It’s nice to have you writing again. I still read your “top 20” once a year at least. Very happy to hear your health is on the mend. If you ever crack the code for hiring a great right-hand person, I’d love to read that post or section of the book. I managed to partially solve it, but not completely.

    • Billy

      I love that! Thanks so much for letting me know. Appreciate you Jonathan!

      And that is a tough code to crack!

  27. KC

    Hi Billy –
    Good to hear from you.
    Can you please share the under the radar paradigm shifting book & the Sedona website.
    Can you also please share the details of your property buying process.


    • Billy

      Definitely planning a very in depth look at my RE stuff in the near future. The book that I referenced was the Mystic Path to Cosmic Power.

  28. Queen O

    Hi Billy

    It’s good to see you posting again.

  29. Queen O

    Hi Billy

    It’s good to see you posting again. I love your idea about hosting the singles dinners/party. Having tried different dating apps myself with no positive outcomes. Can I be included in your upcoming plan as I love the possibility to meet a good guy soon. I’m a 31years, single, i work and I live in Africa.

    I wish you good health this 2022.

  30. Jay

    Honestly, I’d never heard of you before today and only found you through someone mentioning you like years ago in a forum post. I doubt you’ll be open to it but have you considered faith? I had really bad OCD prior to my conversion to Christianity, it sort of got healed gradually where now a couple years on since getting to know JC its maybe 10% of what it was before. I probably would never have developed faith if not for my sickness, the OCD getting so bad.


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