Thanks so much for your applications. I’m personally reviewing each one and looking forward to working with you! If you haven’t got yours in yet now’s the time.

In case you missed the last emails, I’m going to take on a few students for personal mentoring. You’ll be able to talk to me on the phone every week and we’ll make sure you get your business off the ground. I won’t be doing this again. This is basically the Incubator I’ve run in the past that you’ve heard success stories about on the podcast, but on steroids. If you don’t have an idea to work on, I’m going to give you one to launch. But I’m not just going to give you ideas how to start a business, if you’re selected and are a participant in the group, YOU WILL LEAVE WITH YOUR BUSINESS UP AND RUNNING.

It’s the last time I’ll be doing anything like this because I’m diving into other projects. I want to personally help get you up and running with your business.

Here’s some of the questions I’ve been getting:

I’ve signed up for courses before but you never get to talk to the person running it, so if I get stuck, I’m still at a roadblock even though I have the course. Will you answer questions if we get stuck?

I actually don’t consider Incubator to be a ‘course’, it’s much more involved than that. You’re describing a course that has been popularized by info marketers. They launch a course, try to maximize sales and minimize their efforts on it. They refer you to their support if you have questions, as if that is going to help you. I once saw someone running a “launch a business” course, where he gave no access to him(he was a professional info marketer so he wouldn’t have been that helpful anyways), but you could talk to his staff of employees. Oh the irony. It’s like he was saying, “if you get stuck on learning how to be an entrepreneur, you can’t ask me a question but you can ask my team of non-entrepreneurs”. Like, how is that helpful? It’s not. You wouldn’t ask me for customer support lessons, just like you wouldn’t hire customer support for ‘start a business’ lessons. He launched a course for himself, not his students. It’s like a doctor referring you to his front desk person for health advice because he wants to maximize his hourly rate.

Not only do I WANT to help you, I’m limiting the number of people so that I can help you even more. That’s why I’m keeping it application only and letting in a very small group. I didn’t launch this for me(I’ve made 95%+ of my money on non FJ stuff, I’m not a professional info marketer like everyone else in this space). I’m putting this final group together because I enjoy the hell out of it.

Will we get direct access to you?

Yes. You will have the opportunity to chat with me on a call EVERY SINGLE WEEK. You’ll also have access to me in our private group so that if you get stuck on anything during the week, myself and the other members will be there to support you. I know what it’s like to start a new venture. I’ve done it many times, and I know how frustrating it can be to have a hurdle come up and not know what the next action step is. I want to help you quickly move past them, to get to the end result you want which is launching your business.

Is it really possible to launch a business in 10 weeks?

Most definitely. My first business took me 9 months to launch, but it was because I kept getting held up on all sorts of stupid little stuff because I’d never done it before. If I launched the same business today it might take me 9 weeks.

Allowing hurdles to stop you in your tracks is why businesses that should only take a few weeks to get up and running take people 6+ months, or even years. It’s not because it was a 6+ month business, it was because they spent the first 5 months stuck, or working on the wrong things. I want to fast track the whole process for you.

I know this is going to cost money but I’m tight on cash, is there a way I could get in for free?

Definitely not. Free entrees would lower the quality of the group for everyone, and ends up a mental drain on me spending time on people who don’t want to invest in themselves, when I could have spent that time on the people who are fully committed to making a change.

I had a health issue recently. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I dumped thousands of dollars out of pocket into tests as fast as I could! The amount was completely irrelevant to me no matter what it cost. I would have found a way no matter what. Why? Because health is extremely important to me. So even though I probably would have been fine without all the tests I took, and would have preferred to still have that money, it was a no brainer because of how important my health is to me.

Some people are repeating the story that making money or having a profitable business is important to them, but they’re not living that story and taking that action. Some people are fooling themselves about how bad they want something and what’s important to them. This isn’t a group for those people. I thrive on working with action takers who KNOW that they want to make something happen, and more importantly will take the action to do so. I’m by no means comparing health and money. Health trumps all, but what I’m saying is that when something is important to you, your actions back it up. When it’s not quite so important, there’s always reasons you can give as to why you’re not committing: money, time, fear, timing, friends/family, etc…

Read The Value of Time if you really want to understand this better. You’ve just got to decide how much it’s worth to you. If it’s worth “free” to you, that saves us both a lot of time!

There’s one person in this space who sells a half day of consulting for $25,000. I don’t know if it’s worth it, but should he give it to you for free? It would only mean he couldn’t give that time to to someone else, or he’d have to double his price to make up for it.

I was looking at the tuition fees of the place I went to college the other day, and saw they’re now charging $47,000/yr once room and board is included. You graduate with a piece of paper that might improve your chances of getting a $47k/yr job. It’s crazy to me that people will invest close to $200,000 in that, but not even consider investing $200,000, or even $20,000 in themselves and creating the life they want.

One of the stores I started that sold in a package for $68,000, I’m going to give away the idea and the blueprint in the Incubator because the gap in the market still exists. What’s it worth to have the blueprint for doing it? Half that, $34,000? A quarter, $17,000? I’m sure someone would like it free, but that just means it’s taken from someone else who was going to take action on it and wouldn’t have the opportunity. I want to help and hook up the guys who are going to bet on themselves.

I literally have no idea how to do anything technical. I know you said you’d help with the tech stuff, but I’m really bad. Is that going to count me out?

It’s like you’re describing me 🙂

I’m the least technical ‘internet entrepreneur’ I know. So I know the struggle when it comes to having to deal with little tech headaches. I outsource 100% of that and I know how helpful that is to me because it allows me to deal with the important stuff. I want to give you that same opportunity, so I’m basically eliminating those challenges for you. In the early stages you might need things like a landing page, opt in forms set up, logo, hosting. That stuff is simple for people who ‘get’ that technical stuff, but annoying for people like you and me. So my team will take care of that stuff so you can focus on the big picture.

I want to make this as easy as possible for you.

There’s no prize for taking the hardest road. Don’t believe the lie that you have to struggle and bang your head against the wall for a long time before you start a profitable business. Some people succeed after struggling, but it’s not because of the struggle, it’s despite it. Learn from successes and failures of others, don’t spend all that time making the same mistakes that could have been avoided.

If you asked me to describe the Incubator in one short sentence, I’d say it’s like a metal detector for profitable ideas.


“Remember, the winningest jockeys are not necessarily the lightest, smartest, or the strongest. The best jockey doesn’t win the race. The jockey that wins the race is usually the one with the best horse. So pick yourself a horse to ride and then ride it for all it’s worth.” – Positioning

I want to help you find the right “horse”, and then ride that horse to your desired income.

The reason we had some incredible success stories last year when I did this was because they went through a process to find an idea that would make the income they desired, and then just ‘rode that horse’ so to speak.


jordan and coreyrideintothe sunset2

Do you want to be this year’s success story?

I can tell you it’s absolutely possible to go from hearing, “when are you finally going to launch a business?”, to “wait what did you launch!?”, to “how did you get a profitable business off the ground so fast?!”, to “hey, can you teach me how to do what you did!?”.

I’m spending the entire day today reviewing applications. This week a select group of you will receive invitations for an opportunity to participate.

The spots are likely to go fast, so make sure to keep an eye out for an email from me if you’d like to participate.

If you haven’t filled out your application yet, make sure to get it in asap!


Looking forward to working with you.