Most of the questions I get revolve around starting a profitable business. While I feel like the articles and podcasts I do help people, sometimes I worry it’s not enough. At least not enough for those of you who are hungry to take action and get the life changes you want now. It’s the old 80/20 rule. If the articles and podcasts are helping a lot of people a little bit, what would happen if I tried to help a very small group of the hungriest people, massively?

I’ve decided to take on a very small group of students for personal mentoring. Not only will I be talking to you on a call every single week, but if you don’t have a business idea yet I’m actually going to give you one, and show you how I would execute it. Then every week when we chat I’ll be helping you eliminate any hurdles you come across.


It is unlikely that I will do this again.

I’ve got more ideas than I know what to do with, so if you’re an action taker but you’re just lacking a good idea, that won’t be a problem. I’m going to give you one of mine.

What if you knew your business was going to be successful before you launched it?

It’s like panning for gold, but instead of just watching you play in the dirt I’m going to make sure you eliminate all the crap and just keep the good stuff.

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You won’t just leave with my personal advice for a new business, I want you to LEAVE WITH YOUR BUSINESS UP AND RUNNING.

Most of you reading this have been reading my articles or listening to my podcasts for a while, but if you’re new, you might ask yourself, “why listen to you instead of another blogger/podcaster?”.

That’s probably the biggest difference right there. 99.9% of people teaching business online are bloggers and podcasters, NOT entrepreneurs. They have not actually started a business outside of having a blog or podcast, and survive by selling info. That is literally how they have made their money. By telling people to click their links or buy their courses and ebooks, and saying “you too, can be like me!”.

If your goal is to get in that line of work, I’m definitely the wrong person to help you.

If your goal is to start a real business, I’m very confident I can help you do so. Here’s why:

I’ve done pretty well as an entrepreneur. Here’s some of my projects from recent years:

  • Poker Training Company: Generated millions of dollars, had national media exposure and over 5 million visits.
  • Poker Media Company: 6 figures traffic, and $5k+ the first month.
  • eCommerce store owner: Owned 21 separate eCommerce stores. Sold everything from macaroons, to space heaters, to horse saddles. Profited passively as others operated.
  • ForeverJobless: brings in 6 figures per year and has gotten 600,000 visits and 1,000,000 podcast downloads as a part-time venture, as I write and explore business opportunities and investments.
  • Business Incubator: Taking people from no idea, to a profitable business. Six and seven figure businesses launched out of here.

Making money is not difficult. I’ve learned what to do if you want to make a lot of money, as well as what not to do. I’m going to help you avoid the pitfalls, and maximize your profits.

Some people say you aren’t supposed to talk about money. It does feel a little weird and egotistical to say you’ve made money and you’re good at it, but in the end, it’s just green paper it’s not a big deal. Some people are good at singing. I’m good at making money, and at explaining my thought process to help you understand it to reap similar rewards.

I knew nothing when I started, just like anyone else who tries something for the first time. I’ve just spent an enormous amount of time learning the game, and as of late trying to figure out why others aren’t picking it up faster, so I can try and bridge that gap for them.

While trying to do that, I asked myself, “why just teach how to bridge the gap, why not just build the bridge?”

You see, most people in the ‘make money’ space sell crappy courses in hopes that lots of people will buy them. But, why are they buying them? Well, they’re buying them because they want a profitable business. Yet, do students get a profitable business in return?


They get videos or ebooks telling them how they could theoretically start one.

Talk about under delivering.

It’s like starving for a meal, pulling up to a restaurant, placing your order and instead of your favorite meal that you’re craving, getting a pamphlet about what type of ingredients you’ll need to make it yourself. On top of that the person who made the pamphlet isn’t even a chef.

Do you want to buy a course, or start a profitable business?


They’re two completely different things.

Why not just get the end result you want?

All the info marketers talk about how many course sales they have. Why? It’s because some of them are phenomenal at selling courses. Not so great at helping people succeed in business. Their goals aren’t aligned. They spend all their time selling/marketing, not helping people launch profitable businesses.

How many of their students succeed? .5%? .1%? Less?

It’s not many.

Every time I see an info marketer promoting how big their launch was, it’s like they’re marketing that they lead the industry in failures. “Yes, I made X amount of sales!”… why isn’t their goal the sales of their students, not themselves?

99% of their time is spent convincing people to buy, and 1% helping them. That’s why they’re “info marketers”. That wouldn’t fly as an entrepreneur. They’d be out of business fast.

When I did the initial Incubator in 2015 I only brought in about $20,000 from having it. My students? They’ve since produced over $2,000,000 from the businesses they’ve launched. How’s that ROI?

The 2016 Incubator just finished in December, and several students are already profitable, one already making $25,000/month in profit. It won’t surprise me if this group surpasses the results from the 2015 group based on what I’m seeing so far.

Am I surprised by the results? No. I expect them.

It’s because they launched REAL businesses, not replica info marketing crap. So, not only is the success rate % going to be much higher, so are the profits, because I’m not telling people to start blogs, podcasts, do affiliate links and run webinars. I’m helping them start actual profitable businesses.

Others in this space are launching products to help themselves sell products. They’re not launching products that successfully help people launch profitable businesses.

You can find plenty of tips and tricks that may help you achieve temporary results(“launch a blog!”, “start a podcast!”, “do facebook ads!”, “run webinars!”, “start freelancing!”) and that is what most focus on. But if you do not understand the core principles of making money, you will not achieve long-term success and your income and life choices will be severely capped as a result.

Let me help you change that.

Wait, so if I don’t have a business idea, you’ll literally just give me one to launch?

Yes. I have an evernote folder full of business ideas. They are good ideas that if executed would likely become profitable businesses. I will never have the time to launch them all. At max I can launch one business at a time, and the ‘profitable idea folder’ is packed full, so it leaves a huge amount of profitable ideas that I’ll never do anything with. That’s where you come in- take the ideas off my hands and you profit from them. Several former Incubator members are now running businesses that came from this evernote folder.

What if you give us one of your business ideas, but then we’re not sure how to market it?

That’s why I not only made you videos about how to correctly think about marketing, as well as a private group to discuss with me and the other members, but we’ll be hopping on a call together every single week to walk through it. Also, if you take the action to launch a profitable business, I’m happy to plug your new company on the ForeverJobless blog and podcast, getting your product or service in front of a lot of ears/eyeballs.

Will this cost money?

Of course, it helps separate those who are serious about taking action. Plus, I’m limiting this to a very small group. Besides applications that I’ll be reviewing, those willing to invest in themselves is one of the easiest indicators of someone who will take action. My goal is not to have the most students, it’s to have the highest success rates/biggest return for them. I’m not doing this for the money, which is why I’m capping the number of people in the group. I do it because I enjoy the game of business, and I get a huge rush watching those I help launch profitable businesses and change their lives.

Will I get to talk to the other students you’re helping?

Absolutely! You’ll have an instant network of people in a similar situation who are action takers launching a new business venture. In each of the previous Incubators, a number of members formed mastermind groups that are still going long after the Incubator ended.

You’ll get to see up close what’s working for others so you can implement them into your own business. It also helps to have the accountability of the group to make sure you’re on track for your goals each week.

Your network is your net worth, and the Incubator has shown to be a quick way to gain a high quality network.

I’m not opening this up to the public to keep the quality of the group high, and so that I’ll be able to give personal attention to each person in the group, so if you’re interested make sure to fill out this application to join:

Applications last year were very competitive, so if you’re serious about getting into the group, just keep in mind that invites are based entirely on your application. The goal is to keep the quality of the group high with action takers, so only a % of applications will receive an invite.

If you’re not an action taker, don’t fill one out. It’s not the right group for you. It’s only for those who are going to take the action necessary.

If you’re an action taker and just need help getting a profitable business going, I can help you with that part, and this is the right group for you. The plan will be to have your new business off the ground in 10 weeks.

The only people who will be notified about the group will be those who have completed an application, and been approved to join. I’ll be selecting the group from the applications and sending out invites shortly.

I’ll send you another email in a few days sharing the transformation of one of the Incubator alumni, so you can get an idea of what to expect.