Project Manager Non-ForeverJobless Business

This is a very unique role, that requires a very unique person to fill.

Seeking someone who loves operations, already has experience and success in operations, and is phenomenal at both organizing and prioritizing based on specific goals, and has experience managing contractors. I need someone who can take a project and run with it, with very little oversight.

I’m looking for someone who’s comfortable getting their hands dirty and figuring out how to do things. Not looking for someone who just wants to sit back and manage. I’m looking for the person who likes to be ‘in the game’. Just the thought of a 4-hour workweek should bore you.

You should be someone who does not need your hand held at all, and already has had great success in projects where you were the lead on the project.

This is for a new business, and a big part of the role would be in figuring out how to most efficiently get certain jobs done within the business to keep it moving forward, and to get systems and processes in place, and improve on the ones that already exist.

This is NOT for someone who wants to ‘play’ start-up.

The person I’m looking for must be:

  • VERY organized.

  • Solves problems independently.

  • A go-getter. Very action oriented.

  • Excellent at learning how to get things done on the fly.

  • Needs very little direction or management.

  • Is good at picking up the phone and calling someone to get answers or results.

  • Knows how to set up SOPs that others could easily understand and follow.

  • Self-motivated.

  • Learns quickly.

  • Can wear many different hats at once.

  • Great communicator and good people skills.

  • Very detail oriented.

You would be meeting with me each morning to figure out workarounds to any roadblocks, weekly to discuss objectives for the week, and monthly to strategize growth. The rest of the time you’d be working mainly solo, while overseeing a team of contractors that has already been put together.

This position has a LOT of room for growth.

Are you extremely motivated and a detail-oriented problem solver?

Are you able to think for yourself and come up with optimal solutions on your own?

Are you great at picking up the phone and getting things handled?

Do you get energized by juggling multiple different pieces of a puzzle and figuring out how to optimally put them together into a process that can be repeated, and taking existing systems and improving on them?

If so, this might be for you.

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Please submit an application by Tuesday, December 20th.

The application process will be multiple steps and require some work. If that doesn’t sound appealing to you it saves us both time.

Do not follow up with us regarding your application. Successful applicants will receive an email within a few days, inviting you to the second round of the application process.