I’m going to close off sign ups in the next day or two, but wanted to share a bit more on the coaching first.

Anyone in the world has the same bridge to cross:

Where you are.

And where you want to be.

What’s on each side of that bridge is different for everyone.

But everyone’s trying to figure out how to cross their bridge.

Everything you’ve ever done has put you in the situation you’re in today.

Every good decision and every bad decision.

You are EXACTLY where you would expect to be based on the combination of all of your past decisions. 

As those decisions change, so does where you end up.

If you had already made certain decisions, you’d have already crossed your current bridge.

If the current bridge has seemed difficult to cross, it could be in the attempt to cross the bridge the same way you crossed bridges in your past, which may have been completely different bridges that took a different way of crossing.

If you are making decisions the same way you’ve always made them, or approaching problems from the same perspective, you cannot expect to cross a completely new bridge.

You’ve already achieved a certain level of success.

But you can’t see what’s possible for you based on your current view, that’s only showing you what’s been possible for you.

It’s based on past results. Not future results.

It’s a view constrained by the past, which is restricting what’s possible for you in the future.

To cross new bridges, I’ve had to constantly re-evaluate how I’m approaching a problem.

I have a pretty weird and random resume as an entrepreneur.

I’ve basically jumped into completely new industries over and over:

  • Poker Training Company: Created a 7 figure business with no previously existing platform(no email list, etc…) that in under 2 years already had 3,000+ paid monthly recurring subscribers
  • Poker Media Company
  • eCommerce store owner: Owned 21 separate eCommerce stores less than 2 years after starting my 1st
  • ForeverJobless: Millions of website visits/podcast downloads as a part-time hobby
  • Business Incubator: Helped take people from no idea, to a profitable business. Most people entered the Incubator without an idea of the business they would start. Six, seven and even eight figure businesses were created from this.
  • Won a bodybuilding show in the physique division, within 18 months of being a scrawny dude that ‘had no idea how people get ripped’.
  • Bought 300 properties in less than 18 months while writing a book and recovering from a health issue.
  • Made $4 million profit on one stock investment using the basic principles of EV(expected value).

The only reason I’m able to go into random industries with no experience is because of the way I’m evaluating what I’m trying to solve.

My results fly in the face of all the ‘experts’ who say you need years and years of experience before attaining certain results.

They are prioritizing a suboptimal variable.

You would need more experience if you’re going to approach something with the same exact approach everyone else uses, because then you have no edge except years of experience.

Years doing something is not a great variable to optimize for.

Many people who are a one trick pony echo the advice that a massive amount of time is necessary.

If you lack any sort of edge, time is necessary to give yourself any sort of shot.

But that doesn’t mean it should be optimized for. It’d obviously be significantly more +EV to improve the more optimal variable.

If you are listening to someone who is a one trick pony, the results can be confusing because you can’t tell if they can be replicated. 

If someone has done something one time, it’s impossible to know if they are approaching things in a way where their results can be repeated, or if they were in the right place/right time once, and don’t have a decision making process that would allow for them to do it again or not. They lack any sort of sample size to confirm or deny that they would be able to do it again. Maybe they deeply understood a certain niche at a time no one else did. You can definitely win once if that’s the case. But if you lack an optimal strategic and decision making approach, you will be unlikely to repeat your results.

“Listen to people who have done what you want to do, and have done it repeatedly” – Michael Masterson

The only reason I can go into industries where I’m not the expert in that space is because I’m approaching problems and decision making differently.

I’m pretty much never the ‘expert’ at the industry I go into. 

My edge in decision making over these ‘experts’ is why the results can be replicated.

We are looking at the same thing, and seeing a completely different puzzle that needs to be solved.

They are approaching from the angle of ‘this is how you do it in this space’. I am approaching from the angle of, ‘what is the most optimal way to do this?’.

This requires data. 

Data is the necessary information to make an optimal decision.

As new information is received, optimal adjustments can be made based on the new data.

People sitting in an industry for years on end don’t tend to be thinking in this way, they tend to be doing what they’ve done in the past, which gives an edge to the person looking to make optimal decisions.

And to be clear, this is not complicated.

It is more complicated to do things the way everyone else does them and expect great results. 

Complexity is a story the mind gives us for why we can’t have something and why others can. It gives us a reason not to figure out what the missing pieces to the puzzle are.

Anything I am able to do, is fully available for you, as I’m not using some complex method to achieve anything I’m doing. Quite the opposite, I’m breaking down anything I desire into its simplest components, which simplifies and brings clarity to everything.

Simplicity over complexity.

Deeply understanding foundational components vs being an ‘expert’ at all the surface level stuff.

But first you must be solving for what you are actually trying to solve, and not getting caught up in the same silliness as your competitors.

For example:

A real estate business tries to buy houses at the best price to be able to sell for the most profit.

A more optimal way is to start the equation optimizing for the most profit.

This seems like the same thing, but it’s not. One route opens you up to completely new possibilities.

A dating app tries to optimize for the most amount of users.

A more optimal way is to solve the actual problem the people dating are trying to solve. 

Optimizing for the most people swiping on human faces is not it.

Start with what is actually being solved, not the surface level of where all competitors are playing.

Business/money is hard if you’re approaching the same problem in the same way as everyone else.

It becomes easy if you approach from an angle your competitors are not.

Especially if you have a decision making edge where likely adjustments by them have already been considered.

There may be a lot of competitors… But is there a lot of competition?

They are two very different things.

“You must do things not just because they’re the opposite of what the crowd is doing, but because you know why the crowd is wrong.” – Howard Marks

And when we consider what we are solving for, we should pretty much always be attempting to optimize for the desired life we want to live, but it is often forgotten by more distracting and easier to calculate variables.

If you are missing half the parts in an “assembly required” toy, it’s not going to work. – Terry Wahls

Who’s the best fit for this coaching and what can I most help you with:

Who this is NOT for:

Anyone who wants help with:

  • Operations
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Marketing plans

Who this IS for:

Anyone who wants help with:

  • A unique, unbiased perspective
  • Decision making
  • Goal setting and goal achievement structure
  • In depth application of EV to your specific life
  • Ensuring the route you take maximizes the likelihood of living your dream life

We are optimizing for the life you want.

“It is not enough to make progress; we must make it in the right direction”

We are doing so by optimizing for decisions that allow for the money that fund that life.

Utilizing expected value(EV) for each decision is an important component of this.

This minimizes the chance you go down a suboptimal path and maximizes the chance you pursue the optimal path.

It also decreases the likely time frame of achieving your desired life.

Decreasing the time frame means increasing the amount of years spent living that life.

The Real Cost

“When it comes to expenses, the greatest expense of all time is the difference between what you make, and what you could be making”

If cost is a mental battle, consider that the cost is a lot lower than it seems on the surface.

If we’re thinking about it from an expected value standpoint, $10k(option 2) or $20k(option 1) are known variables.

But once tax write-offs are considered, the cost is really closer to $6.5k, or $13k.

So if you theoretically learned nothing, or took no action from what was learned, that’s the entire risk.

And if we consider that a very small, conservative business would sell for a 3x multiple, you’d need to learn something that was worth an additional $180.56-$361.11 per month to recoup your investment.

That’s it.

Not to mention whatever perspective shifts or insights gained, you’d be able to use for the rest of your life.

So it would be hard not to make this a very +EV bet for yourself.

I want to work with you if you are in a place where you know you have a certain potential inside of you, and you unequivocally know it’s time to realize this potential.

If you’re finally at the point where it’s clear to you the opportunity cost of continuing to operate in your current situation, no matter how ‘good’, that the cost of not reaching the next level of what’s possible for you is too costly to not take action.

It’s time to realize what you’re capable of. 

What would I say to someone on the fence?

A part of me would say, don’t sign up. I’d want the spot for someone who knows they want it.

The other part of me would say:

There’s a reason 100% of my current students renewed their yearly coaching agreement, and not only that are telling their friends to hire me, unrequested.

Somehow you found my blog at some point.

Something resonated with you. Maybe it was my business approach, my life approach, money thoughts, decision making thoughts, etc…

Imagine my coaching like this: instead of an article you’re reading, it’s a custom tailored article specifically to you and your life and decision making process, except it’s not an article, it’s you and I breaking it down together customized for your life.

Something resonated with you enough where you felt compelled to apply for coaching.

In going through all the applications, I saw something that resonated with wanting to coach you.

Trying to get you off the fence isn’t me trying to convince you to sign up, it’s me trying to help get you out of your own way for the changes that YOU know YOU are wanting in your life.

How many green lights do you need? 🙂

“People fail because of one common behavior, their whole life is about waiting” – Jack Ma

If you need more leads, hire a marketing coach.

If you want to get in shape, hire a trainer.

If you want to create a different life, hire me.

I will do everything in my power to help you.

Reserve your spot

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