Content Marketer

(To be clear, this is a marketing role, NOT a writing role)

Your objective would be to drive significantly more traffic and leads to I need my focus to be on the content I create, and want someone with the same obsession for marketing to take each piece of content that I produce and maximize the amount of eyeballs on them. Your job would be to blow up each piece of content that gets released.

You must already be a proven winner at this. This is not a training position. I’m looking for someone who has already had success at content marketing and understands what it takes to succeed. We’re starting from a decent base(tens of thousands of subscribers, close to a million podcast downloads, 100k+ social media), but time to stop playing around and actually grow it. It’s been a side project up until now and we need someone to come in and help us 5-10x it. I’ll be releasing a book in 2017 and want it to impact a much greater number of people than what we could now.

Looking for someone with a much more in depth understanding of content marketing than just doing paid traffic. If your first thought when reading about this position was “just buy lots of paid traffic”, you’re NOT the right person for this role. If you read that and feel even more confident that I’m describing a role you’d be perfect for, see the details at the bottom for how to apply.

>>>Apply Here<<<<

Please submit an application by Tuesday, December 20th.

The application process will be multiple steps and require some work. If that doesn’t sound appealing to you it saves us both time.

Do not follow up with us regarding your application. Successful applicants will receive an email within a few days, inviting you to the second round of the application process.