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Technical support: We will help you organize the necessities of starting your own business, including: sales page, email list, basic logo. Once you have your business up and running it is up to you if you would like to continue using the basic resources created.  You are responsible for the cost of the platforms and any recurring fees associated with them.

Non-legal mumbo jumo: The reality is that your success is entirely up to you. We will help you to set, and reach your goals, but we can’t guarantee it because you’re the person actually doing the work. So, signing up in itself does not guarantee you any success. While the goal is to help you get your business off the ground quickly, some businesses take longer than others so besides there being no monetary guarantee of anything you’ll earn, there’s no timeline guarantee either. It’s entirely dependent on both your work ethic and the type of business you choose to select. I’ll absolutely give you my opinion of both the profit potential of the business you’re considering and an estimated timeline, but again as I like to say, you are the CEO of your life. It all depends on you. I can tell you I sincerely want you to succeed and will do what I can to help you, but your success is dependent on you.

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