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50 profitable business ideas you can start for less than $100

I’m not Elon Musk, who might not even be human, but I’ve done pretty well as an entrepreneur. Here’s some of my projects from recent years: 

  • Poker Training Company: 7-figure revenue for years 
  • Poker Media Company: 6 figures traffic, and $5k+ first month 
  • eCommerce store owner: Owned 21 separate eCommerce stores. Sold everything from macaroons, to space heaters, to horse saddles. Profited passively as others operated. 
  • ForeverJobless podcast: 100,000 downloads in first 7 weeks 
  • ForeverJobless Business Incubator: Taking people from no idea, to a profitable business. Six and seven figure businesses launched out of here. 

That last one (the Business Incubator) taught me a crazy valuable lesson: 


This was weird to me, because I’ve always had too many ideas…..in fact, I often get frustrated that I have so many ideas, but only enough time to execute one at a time.​​​​​​​ 

I've got a whole folder of ideas I'm never going to have time to use.

Most of the people who wanted to join my business incubator couldn’t get past one of the first obstacles: Having a business idea. 

Here’s where everyone gets stuck:

I’ve seen people who’ve been stuck in this “I need a business idea!!” phase for YEARS. Or they falsely assume they have a good one and waste all their time. 

It’s discouraging not to have a good idea.

It makes you feel like you might never start a business. 

Many people falsely assume if they had a bunch of money they'd be able to start a business. 

Starting a business is like anything in life, you have to take the first step. 

And like a baby just learning to walk, your first steps will be shaky and clumsy. 

Did you know before starting my business that brought in 7-figures I started a bunch of dumb little side businesses?? Not everyone knows about these businesses, but they are the “shaky first steps” I took that taught me valuable lessons about creating a big business.

  • I once got roped into some scammy health juice business (I later learned was a pyramid scheme). I felt dumb for getting tricked into that, but I was young and still learning…..so it made me smarter in the end. 
  • I tried to sell rugs online. I didn’t know anything about rugs, and in the end I think it lost a little money, but more importantly I wasted time. 
  • I tried to make money as an affiliate. I bought ads and sold random products like dog training courses. I think it might have brought in $100/month or something small but I hated it. 

Those were “my shaky first steps” in trying out businesses. But I wouldn’t trade them in for the world. In fact, it’s those failures and first attempts that made me better. 

So when people complain that they’ve never started a business because they "didn’t have a good idea”....I laugh and tell them all the STUPID IDEAS I’ve tried and learned from when I got started. 

I was at a disadvantage. 

I didn’t have a mentor. 

I didn’t have any business contacts to throw good ideas my way. 

I lived in a small town (population 26,000) where there weren't really entrepreneurs I could emulate. 

This is why I want to give back. I have WAY TOO MANY IDEAS, and only so much brainpower to spend on one at a time. So I’m going to give you all my ideas. 

 The ForeverJobless Idea Vault

I put this together to eliminate the challenge of coming up with a profitable business idea. 

It’s a set of 50 ideas & how I could go about executing them. Each has a simple idea, my thoughts on why it would work, and a general outline of how I would go about getting it started. This vault comes with everything you need to shatter your idea that “I don’t have a business idea!” 

The Idea Vault contains: 

  • 50 ideas and execution outlines. 
  • Video series explaining how to come up with profitable ideas. 
  • The difference between a good idea(one that will make money) and a bad idea(one that will lose money, and waste time). 
  • Case studies examining the thought process myself and others use to pick a profitable idea. 
  • Almost every idea included requires no money to start. The most any idea requires to start is less than $100. 
  • It's yours to keep forever 

I've got tens of thousands of email subscribers, so I get a lot of feedback on what's holding people back. I couldn't believe many of you didn't have a business idea to work on, so I’ve finally decided to do something about it. 

I’m doing this so you no longer have an excuse not to try a business.

Not every idea will match your set of skills or interest. That's why I included so many to make sure some of them will... 

And it only takes ONE good idea to be successful. 

As the famous quote from Mark Cuban goes:

"In business, to be a success, you only have to be right once. 

One single solitary time and you are set for life. That’s the beauty of the business world." 

I’m trying to help here, so I didn't want to put something together that would be ultra-expensive. I’m giving you a one-time investment that’s super affordable for everyone. 

I’m laying out 50 business ideas that you can start for less than $100 each.

The cost? A mere $297 investment. That’s it. 

My goal is to shortcut the process for you, in the same way that I wish someone had done for me when I started, and I feel it’d be unfair to charge much more than this for people who don’t yet have profitable businesses.

I sincerely want you to experience the pride of starting a profitable business, and if all that’s holding you back is that you "don’t have a business idea”....then problem solved. 

Give it a try now. It’s a one-time investment of $297. Click here -->


Billy Murphy